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Business Overview

Concord Delivery Service, Inc. uses straight trucks, vans, pick-up trucks, and cars to transport packages and materials expeditiously anywhere in the tri-state area.  No job is too big or too small, whether it’s a simple in-town pick-up and delivery or a pick-up and delivery from a distant location.

 Concord has over 25 years of experience.  Companies requiring prompt deliveries to meet tight deadlines can rely on Concord’s expertise and on-going commitment to offer the absolute best available delivery services.  Concord uses the latest computer technology and software that enables Concord to provide superior customer care, including:  quick and accurate delivery quotes; streamlined scheduling and route calculations; continuous driver communications; and detailed tracking and billing systems.


Trucking Services:
When you require large capacity exclusive trucking to suit your needs.

Warehousing Services:
Large secure warehousing facility to store your valuables.

Route Service:
Daily scheduled pick-up and delivery.

Delivery Times:
May vary based on distance traveled, traffic, weather, security, and other factors.

Radio Dispatched:
All of our drivers are in constant contact with our office through radio, telephone, and GPS communications.

Size doesn't Matter:
We handle everything from an envelope to a truck load.

Delivery Personnel

Minimum of Priority Service Only:
Bus Terminals | Train Stations | Hotels | Ferry Docks | Department Stores | Hospitals | Courthouses | Schools & Universities

Please inquire about our Additional services:
NFO (Next Flight Out) | Same Day Service Anywhere in the United States | Exclusive Use of Vehicle Service for Those Deliveries When Time Is of the Essence (Delivered within 1.5 - 2 Hours, Depends on Availability)


Standard Charges

Bulk Charges:
$5.00 for any carton over 50 lbs.

Weight Charges:
$5.00 per 100lbs. - or part of - after the first 99lbs. Shipments of 60lbs. or more, delivered on a minimum of priority or exclusive rates. Shipments of 500 lbs. or more, delivered on exclusive rates.

Freight Time Charges:
$30.00 per hour/$7.50 per 15 minutes - or part of. This charge constitutes loading and/or unloading time to delivery area, freight elevators, and signature procurement.

Waiting Time:
$30.00 per hour/$7.50 per 15 minutes - or part of. This charge is for any time spent by the driver waiting for delivery to be ready or waiting for signature.

Additional Charges

For each C.O.D. that is collected and remitted a rate of $5 will apply.

When a driver is dispatched and pick-up is not available; 50% of the applicable rate, subject to a $15.00 minimum.

Walk Up:
When elevator service is not available, there is an additional charge of $5.00 per flight per box.

Additional Charges

Van Service:
If an empty van is requested, add $25 to applicable service rate.

Advanced Charges:
A charge of $1.00 for each $10.00 advanced by the driver.

Re-delivery as applicable.